Understanding and accurately reflecting Aboriginal culture.


NSW Department of Health: Aboriginal Nursing and Midwifery Strategy

The Brief

To create a 15-minute recruitment film encouraging Aboriginal people to choose a career in nursing.

Creative Pitch

Rather than produce a traditional ‘talking head’ style recruitment video, we chose to dramatise a young person’s journey through a series of difficult life decisions; leaving home; studying at a university; choosing to specialise in a wide variety of nursing assignments.

We wanted to show that there was a place for Aboriginal people in the NSW health industry, that they would be offered all the financial support, help and encouragement they needed; the personal benefits of assuming greater responsibilities; establishing trust between patient and carer and building long-term personal friendships.

Aboriginal people are seriously under-represented in the NSW nursing population for reasons to do with restricted opportunities, regional isolation, and a sense of alienation from a mainstream ‘white’ workforce. Understanding and accurately reflecting Aboriginal culture was the key to this hugely successful project.

My Mob Your Mob (14:26)