Identifying what’s at the core of an effective business relationship


Blake Dawson / Price Waterhouse Coopers

The Brief

Design and facilitate a series of RealPlay workshops for all staff and senior executives; to stimulate discussion and develop constructive conversations around diversity and flexibility in the workplace and demonstrate a range of varying opinions and attitudes within PWC on workplace efficiency.

Creative Pitch

RPM researched and wrote two company-specific scenes played live and using professional actors, to help participants identify what’s at the core of an effective business relationship; how to focus on people and productivity; what it takes to retain good workers.

The actors were briefed thoroughly in the language and work patterns of PWC partners and common work/life issues within the firm and remained in character to answer questions from participants to further explore how they felt, what affected them, and how to avoid confrontation.

The point of RealPlay is to allow people to see things as they are and talk about what works well, what more can be done, and how things could change for the better.

Typical comments were: “Have you been sitting in my office?”, “I know that guy!”, “This is actually very accurate – who have you been talking to?”