Highlighting challenges, employing effective strategies and how to confront underlying hospital system issues.


Royal Australasian College of Physicians

The Brief

To produce 5 short actor-based scenarios supporting Teaching and Learning in Health Settings, as part of the RACP’s Supervisor Professional Development online education program.

Creative Pitch

RPM employed a small crew experienced filming high-end television dramas to make the carefully scripted and researched scenarios as realistic as possible. We found the more plausible the drama, the stronger the focus on the messages within.

The videos highlighted challenges facing educators, how to employ effective strategies for teachers and how to confront underlying hospital system issues.

They supported a series of training workshops for professional supervisors and practitioners, illustrating effective workload management, and useful communication techniques.

The videos were also designed to be a compliment to face-to-face supervisor workshops aimed at equipping physicians with skills to help them supervise RACP trainees, and as online learning modules for those who could not attend.

A Training Setback (4:15)

Riding The Storm (2min)