Highlighting challenges, employing effective strategies and how to talk about mental health.


Australian Defence Forces: ADF Psychology Unit Corps

The Brief

To script, cast and produce an actor-based set of scenarios illustrating common mental health issues for use in workshops during Mental Health Week.

Creative Pitch

Significant time and research went into identifying key mental health and wellbeing issues within the Army, Navy and Air Force.

The scenarios were produced to the highest performance and production standard so as to make each scenario as realistic as possible and accurately reflect the traditions and workplace culture of each of the ADF services.

We chose to distribute them on a DVD so that they would be available to every member of the ADF, wherever they were, during the first week of October.

The DVD also contained pdf guides on how to conduct workshops, control conversations and stimulate discussion with reference material on mental health services available.

Let’s Talk 2016 (24min)