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A Major Multinational

The Brief

To create a series of series of behavioural observation stories – “from good to great.”

Creative Pitch

RPM partnered with people management and leadership skills expert, Simon Dowling from 2engage, to research, script and produce a series of short stories which illustrate a ‘good to great’ performance culture within senior management teams.

The brief was to make them as realistic as possible in both dialogue and performance and so we cast well-known and experienced actors.

The stories were to be played during facilitated workshops and meant to provoke more active discussions about key issues including; stakeholder management; unconscious bias; diversity; bullying and harassment and their far reaching repercussions.

We were careful to ensure each of the character’s behaviours conformed to a recognisable workplace culture within the company and to build empathy for each of their situations.

There were to be no ‘wrong way’ behaviours, just better strategies and outcomes.

There’s Something About Darren (4:58)