Highlighting the aims, tactics, strategies, and tools required to handle common day-to-day problems.


NSW Deptartment of Family & Community Services

The Brief

To encourage Aboriginal families to become foster carers.

Creative Pitch

The Raising Them Strong project is a powerful combination of well researched and written dramatic scenarios with a series of interview testimonials with real carers relating their experiences.

RPM developed a unique improvisational drama technique using actors in well researched roles to recreate particular situations or events, edited and presented in cinema-verite fashion.

For the messages of the presentation to be clear, understood and accepted, this carefully planned, ‘spontaneous’ style needed to be as real as possible, using language familiar to specific audiences and using characters that are instantly recognisable to them.

It was designed for easy use by people seeking support from regional and remote Australia, and accommodated a diversity of views and opinions across the country being careful to conform to culturally appropriate guidelines.

The aim was to provide a useful resource for all parties involved in the often complicated task of managing a healthy and productive family environment.

Raising Them Strong (35:11)

Carer Interviews (12:24)