Creating insightful discussions about constructive leadership capabilities.


Meeting Point Partnerships/ Endeavour Energy

The Brief

To create an online and DVD product which clearly demonstrates leadership abilities and skills.

Creative Pitch

RPM consulted closely with the clients to thoroughly understand the culture, language and character of the organisation. We sat down with key stakeholders to design the scenarios, create the characters and define the behaviours and objectives to be assigned to each scene, incorporating ideas and suggestions from clients to deliver a final script.

The task was to show how people manage well, not so well, and thoughtlessly, creating insightful discussions about constructive leadership capabilities.

RPM actors engaged and entertained the audience, making it easier to identify with familiar characters in familiar situations.

DVD segments were used in conjunction with a series of Leadership Capability Workshops, described by one participant as, “the most engaging experience I’ve ever had”.

Capabilities 1 (4:19)

Capabilities 2 (3:56)