Simple, well-constructed storytelling techniques; the messages, clean, succinct and uncomplicated.


Australia Pacific LNG

The Brief

Produce a series of web-based informative videos featuring rugby league legend Darren Lockyer finding out for himself how safe is coal seam gas.

Creative Pitch

The stories are told by Queensland’s favourite son, Darren Lockyer, star of the Brisbane Broncos and hero of State Of Origin football.

In a series of 5 extended Webisodes, Darren talks with APLNG experts directly and finds out for himself how the CSG industry has grown; how it operates with safety as its principle concern, for the environment, for farmers and for the community.

We used simple, well-constructed storytelling techniques; the messages, clean, succinct and uncomplicated.

Darren’s intentions are to raise issues, see-for-himself, seek assurances, and have his questions answered in a style that’s authentic and credible.

Also as part of the project we produced a number of films that reflect the company’s safety-at-work ethics.

In a campaign called Game Day, we simply filmed Darren explaining to staff members how a 100% safety record was hard won but easily lost.

We filmed him talking with office and field workers, sharing safety stories relevant to his time as a football player. His unscripted comments include, “Something I’ve learnt in my professional life is the value of good teamwork. When everyone’s on the same page we’re the best. It’s important to you, important to the company, and the company’s welfare is your welfare”.

Both campaigns were achieved with a small crew of high-end professionals familiar with documentary and advertising styles and practices. They carried minimal equipment, small hand-held cameras with little or no lighting. The key was flexibility and an ability to respond quickly to events as they played out naturally in order to capture those spontaneous magic moments.

Cabbage Collie (2min)

Game Day (4:56)